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to provide students of all ages with the skills they need to enjoy dance, music, and theatre for a life time.


Our philosophy is to demand of each student whether or not a dance, music, or theatre career is planned, the very best effort of which he or she is capable, and to give in return the care and attention the student deserves.  All can experience the joy of dance and the benefits of disciplining the mind and body that this art form requires.  Our primary goal is for the development of our students, their dance, music, or theatre education, and the enrichment that comes from studying the Arts.  Our family oriented, positive atmosphere builds self-esteem and the love of this cherished art form.


Classical ballet provides the foundation for all other dance forms.  It is the most demanding, most disciplined of all dance forms; but also the most rewarding.  With a solid ballet foundation, classically trained dancers can transfer their skills into jazz, modern dance or any other dance discipline they might decide to pursue.   Our program is specially designed to provide an increasing variety of special classes to make greater demands on the student with each year of study.  Besides Ballet, our curriculum includes classes in Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Contemporary, Lyrical,  Hip-hop, Music and Singing, and Musical theatre.



Technique can hold back the most artistic dancer, musician, or actor or give him/her greater expression.  Because the basic steps of build from simpler to more complex, a problem of technique in one area will be magnified in other areas.  That's why learning the basic technique perfectly is so important.  With the proper instruction, virtually any child can learn proper technique and perform beautifully.  The training of muscles and mind must start early.  Building discipline, developing strength and stamina, achieving grace in movement is the work of years of study; a process that really never ends.



The point of studying the Arts is to perform!  Performing gives students the confidence they need to compete or succeed in a professional career of any kind.  Stage experience is available to all performers throughout their training at Encore Performing Arts Center, enabling them to develop confidence, poise and stage manners.  The June Performance involves all students studying at our studio.


Every child benefits from quality dance, music, or theatre training, even though he or she ultimately may choose another career path.  In Performing Arts, children learn the cooperative teamwork necessary to produce a high quality work of art.  They develop creative thinking skills and the ability to push themselves to higher achievements.  They learn an immense amount about music and rhythm and are introduced to the French language through ballet and dance terminology.  These skills will enhance your child's academic performance as well as their physical well being.  Self-confidence and self-esteem continue to develop as a young person conquers new movements and grows more certain of his or her ability to apply themselves, work hard and master any task placed before them.  Growing through this artistic process helps a child find the pathway to personal integrity and self assured adulthood.  He or she enters society with the ability to do well at whatever life places in front of them; and with the ability to maintain the uncompromising high standards absorbed by their training at Encore.



Quality teaching pays close attention to your child's artistic development.  But of equal importance, quality teaching pays close attention to your child's health and safety, as well as their physical and emotional well-being.  Encore is committed to offering the finest in performing arts education available in a fun and supportive environment.  All classes are taught by our professional faculty.


Our teachers meet regularly to discuss methods, individual students' progress and needs, and to share ideas for the benefit of our school and all of our students. Many teachers can pass along steps, but a truly experienced, professional teacher can guide a young performer through the gradual process of carefully and individually training their body; helping them not only achieve the unmistakable look of a ballerina, with long lean lines, but also an instrument that is technically strong, allowing freedom of movement and the capability of executing even the most rigorous exercises with grace and style. A good teacher also understands the honor and etiquette of the art, which must be preserved and continued through new generations and will lend insight from their own professional experience.


We believe that in building the students self-esteem, we will not only enable them to take chances and reach higher goals, but we can help build strong confident people who will excel in everyday life. We have a strong system of values at Encore and insist that our students respect and praise each other. When students give so much of themselves, doing what they love, it is comforting and meaningful to know that we are all among friends. Our goal is to utilize our experience and instincts to make a positive difference; never sacrificing our standards. We welcome enthusiastic families who would like to experience and benefit from the traditions of fine training in a nurturing environment.



With a foundation in Ballet, the potential dancer starts in a pre-school level, learning the fundamentals of balance, musicality, and coordination.  Each child progresses at their own pace in developing their skills.  As the students grow so does their technique, flexibility, coordination and level of understanding.  The proper terms for the dance language are taught as the child progresses from one level to the next.


Encore! has always been a place of excellence in training the serious young dancer as well as the dancer who would like to have an outlet for exercise and fun.


Whether they are interested in a professional career in dance or just for an extracurricular activity, students of Encore stand out with excellence in dance, performance, attitude and character.


Students from Encore have moved on to careers in Broadway, music television, ballet companies, casino revue shows, Disney World and recording contracts.  Many students have also received scholarships toward their college education because of their dance ability and training.

 Encore offers BALLET, LYRICAL, POINTE, JAZZ, HIP-HOP, TAP, ACROBATICS, MUSIC, ACTING and PRESCHOOL CLASSES.  Adult classes and exercise classes are also offered periodically.


We deeply care about all of our students and want them to do their very best.  That is why we demand a lot from them.  Encore tries to help each student enjoy, cherish and treasure the hours devoted to their training encouraging them to love the arts for the sheer pleasure and sense of artistic fulfillment, rather than only for a sense of technical accomplishment.  At Encore, we aim to instill a love of all art forms, so that one day our students will have a greater appreciation either as an artist or patron.


Finally, We Believe in Making our Performing Arts Training FUN and ENJOYABLE!

Our instructors take great time and care to plan lessons for our students that are not only educational and challenging but FUN!  We believe the only way to encourage students to continue their dance, music, or theatre study is to make every moment, whether classroom instruction or performance based, highly memorable.

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